The DOMINICALE Sea Food Restaurant is situated on the East coast of Zakynthos Island, embraced by the natural haven of the Argassi area, just 3 kilometers from Zakynthos town. The word Dominicale in the old Zakynthian dialect refers to the lordly home of the noble men –«masters», whose wealth and social status was hereditarily based on the possession of land and nobility titles from the past, when Zakynthos was under Venetian occupation.

Our Sea Food restaurant is part of an architectural whole, which depicts substantial elements from the old Zakynthian architecture of the Dominicale as much in color as in structural details. Our expectation is for many special events to take place here. Furthermore, the entire architectural creation is built in an area connected to the historical and cultural tradition of the island.

Monuments of Zakynthian history, the Tower of the old noble Domenegini family along with the chapel of Saint Theodosios located next to it and the old Venetian fountain create the unmatched beauty of the surrounding environment which combined with our restaurant’s building in traditional architecture compose an idyllic space with the coast as its natural limit. It is said that this is where Dionysios Solomos drew inspiration and created a few of his lyric and romantic poems:

« Not one wave is heard On the deserted coast As if even the sea is asleep In the land’s embrace»

The Domenegini’s family mansion was built by the family (registered in the Libro d’ Oro) around the mid 16th century. It was gradually transformed from a tower with embrasures into a mansion of unimaginable wealth and works of art which during the Venetian and English occupation hosted significant political and social events for the ruling class of the island. Later, around 1820, the tower was used as a point of coordination of the help and political support for the Greeks in Peloponisos which was rebelling against the Turks. This continued until June 1821 when Theodoros Kolokotronis began the revolution for Greece’s freedom. The fighters kept every «curious person» away on purpose by throwing rocks from inside the tower to all passersby causing them to run away terrified by the «evil spirits». This is how the legend of the «Satanic tower» or «Satan’s house» was created. In the 1950s, the Domenegini family sold their property to the family of Mr. A. Agoulos, including the then half-abandoned tower. It was characterized as a historically preserved monument by decision of the Ministry of Education since 1956 but the archaeological service did not undertake the cost for the repair. The tower stood abandoned until it was restored to its current status. The restoration began in the ‘90s and it is now a monument of significant historical interest.

In the more recent years, when the overtone of the mansion’s landownership had been erased, the land was used for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, which were watered by the Venetian fountain. It brought running water «from the mountain» up to the most recent years, while right on the beach the locals went fishing with «bragania», nets which they threw in the sea from the beach and pulled in with ropes.

In respect to the historical significance of the place and with much dedication to perfection as well as hard personal effort, we anticipate to depict quality while serving our guests and offer them a restaurant of special requirements.

Our guests have the chance to taste delicacies prepared with products from the Zakynthian land and sea. Our kitchen is intended for the most demanding palates. Fresh, selected fish from local fishermen and exquisite wine from our 5year wine tasting experience or well known cellars.

All this, in a friendly environment with the feeling of a family atmosphere combined with the magical view of Zakynthos town, the endless blue of the Ionian Sea, the company of the sea breeze and the roaring of the waves create the opportunity to enjoy one of the best dinners in all of Zakynthos. You will feel like and actually be … «lords».

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